My tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales.

It is now twenty years since that awful day in August 31st when the world lost Diana, Princess of Wales. On that day, I was returning home with my brother from the city when we heard the news on his car radio. Diana, the announcer said, was believed to be seriously injured in a car accident in Paris. By time we arrived back home, we knew she had died.

Like so many around the world on that day, I was more than simply shocked. I remember sitting at my kitchen table and bursting into tears – all the while dazed by this unexpected deep sorrow for a woman I had never met, or would ever hope to meet.

And as my tears fell and fell, I found myself writing this poem…

Death comes for us all.

If there is a lesson to be learnt
It is this:
Death comes upon us all
When we least expect.
forever young
Most likely wanted more
But, deprived of privacy,
Our last memories
of her
Are imagined images
Of a bloodied head
Her body broken beyond repair
Diana, in life simply beautiful,
As simply robbed by death

Flawed, vulnerable
A woman
Who yet lit
A candle in the darkness of our world.
Who could ever guess
Because we loved her light
We would, too soon,
Mourn her death

If there is a lesson to be learnt
It is this:
Never take for granted
what we have
Treat it gently
Because you never know
what the day will bring.
Diana dead?
What more can I say but this:
One more candle blown out.

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  1. Alex Stark September 17, 2017 at 12:54 am

    What a beautiful way to honour the memory of such a beautiful, intelligent and remarkable woman. I love this

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