Who was born on October 17th?

All right – lots of people!


But a few we know thanks to my friend Andrew Perkins, composer extraordinary.

Born on this day: composers Domenico Zipoli, and Maria Teresa Agnesi, Nicolas Appert (French inventor of airtight food preservation – food canning, bouillon tablet), Andrei N Rimski-Korssakov (Russian musicologist/son of Nikolai), composer Herbert Norman Howells, German Expressionist artist Fritz Ascher, Shinichi Suzuki (Japanese music teacher invented Suzuki Method), actress Jean Arthur, actress Irene Ryan (Grannyin “Beverly Hillbillies”), Italian architect Franco Albini, American playwright Arthur Miller (“Death of a Salesman”, “Crucible”), actress Rita Hayworth, actor Montgomery Clift, Jeanine Deckers (Belgian nun and singer-songwriter “The Singing Nun”), Robert “Evel” Knievel, Eminem [Marshall Bruce Mathers III], composer Andrián Pertout, and my husband Peter Dunn.

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