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Great news! My publisher has agreed to reduce the kindle book price of The Light in the Labyrinth to $2.99 from November 25th to December 25th.  If you enjoyed The Light in the Labyrinth, it would be utterly wonderful if you could help spread the news.

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IN THE WINTER OF 1535, fourteen-year-old Kate Carey wants to escape her family home. She thinks her life will be so much better with Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s second wife and the aunt she idolises. Little does Kate know that by going to attend Anne Boleyn she will discover love and a secret that will shake the very foundations of her identity. An attendant to Anne Boleyn, Kate is also swept up in events that see her witness her aunt’s darkest days. By the time winter ends, Kate will be changed forever.

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The Light in the Labyrinth, published by Metropolis Ink,  is available in paperback and Kindle.

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A Queen fights for her life.

A King denies his heart and soul.

A girl faces her true identity.

All things must come to an end—all things but love.

“…The Light in the Labyrinth is quite the read – no matter the age of the reader. And yes, thanks to Kate, a new voice has been added to the well-known haunting melody – a voice that mellows and matures as the story evolves and yet retains a touch of bittersweet innocence right to the bloody, inevitable end.” – Anna Belfrage for The Review.

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“It is exactly the type of novel that draws youth into a life-long love of history”. -QAB Book Review

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“I will be passing this novel on to my 14 year-old daughter and will be heartily recommending it to friends, family and anyone who loves a good historical novel. It is the perfect first historical fiction read for the teen in your life, but make sure you read it too!” ~ Claire Ridgway of The Anne Boleyn Files.

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Amazon reviews:

5 Stars! The Light in the Labyrinth is a beautifully written book: a gem ~ Lara Salzano, avid Tudor reader . 

5 stars! A really great read which did not seem like a young adult novel to me at all – Kathleen Ingram “Historical Mystery Reader.”

5 Stars! Dunn has written a book that will delight readers of all ages! ~ AvidReader.

5 stars! This is a lovely book. It’s beautifully written and makes history accessible to young adults in an engaging and interesting way. The book is satisfying on all kinds of levels. It brings history alive and validates for girls stepping into a woman’s role that they’re not alone as they wrestle with issues that women and girls have confronted through the ages, mainly love,and their place in a world controlled by men ~ History Lover.

5 stars! “Lively, touching and vivid, this novel offers a fresh and unusual perspective on one of history’s most well-known stories, the downfall of Anne Boleyn, by telling it through the eyes of young Kate Carey, Anne’s niece” ~ Sophie Masson.

5 stars! I was not prepared to cry at the end–cry because it had ended, because it ended on a note of sadness and betrayal and because it brought Anne Boleyn to life in a bold new light. But I cried for more than just Queen Anne. I cried for Kate, for the loss of innocence and trust, for the betrayals of and by people she loved most, and for bravery that marked the death of youth as much as it marked the death of her colourful aunt ~ Linda Root.

4 stars!  This is a quality Y/A book, that an adult can enjoy. In fact, I found it better researched & written than many adult books of this subject. Young Katherine’s tale is moving and “Aunt Nan” is one of the most complex characterisation of Queen Anne Boleyn I’ve read ~ Patricia Hain.

The Light in the Labyrinth is more than a historical novel, is a sublime character reconstruction of Anne Boleyn:

Great book to introduce the Tudors to young readers. Uncomplicated and written for teenagers, The Light in the Labyrinth is relatable, as well as irresistible ~ Carole P. Roman.

Loved it, loved it!

Looking for the perfect gift for your teenaged daughter or grand-daughter?

Young Adults will be hiding away to read undisturbed when they get their hands on Wendy Dunn’s The Light in the Labyrinth, Dunn’s second Tudor novel. Teen-aged girls especially will be enchanted as this spell-binding work of fiction based on historical fact brings the characters of Henry VIII’s Tudor court to life on the page.

The Light in the Labyrinth paints a new and sympathetic picture of the fate of Anne Boleyn through the eyes of one of her ladies-in waiting, Katherine Carey. Kate, the queen’s niece, comes to court as an innocent 14 year old still dazzled by her memories of her aunt’s coronation.

Amid the romance, intrigue and danger of court life, Kate finds love and also discovers shocking secrets about her own identity. She has to grow up fast. Supporting her beloved aunt, the queen through her last tragic days, Kate faces her own unexpected destiny.

In this riveting read Dunn’s vast knowledge of Tudor history brings the past to life in a page-turning fictional story. Young Adults will love this romantic, tragic and captivating story.

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Readings Coordinator
Ballarat Writers Inc.

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