Falling Pomegranate Seeds will soon be available for Pre-order!

Any day now will see the publication of my third Tudor novel. Smile – kind of Tudor. Falling Pomegranate Seeds: Duty of Daughters is the first novel of what I hope will eventually be a Katherine of Aragon trilogy. I started work on this trilogy years ago, but put it aside when it didn’t find a publishing home – despite receiving lots of lovely feedback; the original version of the story was even shortlisted for the HarperCollins Varuna Award.

I never forgot Falling Pomegranate Seeds. How could I? The original version of the first part of Katherine of Aragon’s story took two years to research and write – and gave me the excitement of travelling to Spain to walk in the footsteps of my characters. Last year, I decided to take up the challenge of rewriting that manuscript, and now I am utterly delighted to announce MadeGlobal, a wonderful publisher who specialises in history works, will be publishing it. I must pause here and give immense thanks to Kurt Florman and David Major, the hardworking and fantastic team behind Metropolis Ink, the publisher of my two first Tudor novels. I will always be grateful for the doors they opened to me when they decided to take a chance on me and published Dear Heart, How Like You This? in 2002.

MadeGlobal offers a publishing company with a passionate focus on history.  I am now part of a company that already publishes lots of people I know, respect and regard as friends – pastime in good company, indeed.




Falling Pomegranate Seeds is now available for preorder:

Ebook at amazon.com 

Ebook at amazon.uk


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