Treasured reviews of Falling Pomegranate Seeds

I was feeling rather tired and uninspired to get out of bed this morning. I didn’t even want to get up to make my morning wake up coffee, but that all changed when I grabbed my iPad out of my bedside table to check for any important messages.  Today Falling Pomegranate Seeds received its sixth five star review at amazon – and what a wonderful review it is too. I don’t think there is a writer in existence who doesn’t yearn for positive feedback from readers about their work. So – I just want to thank everyone who has ever spared a moment from their busy lives to let me know that they have enjoyed my novels. Believe me, you are the wind beneath my wings and the reason I keep writing!

So, in celebration of my sixth review for my new novel, I have created a new page for my website:  Treasured reviews of Falling Pomegranate Seeds.

That reminds me. I have now put up the reviews from my old website for The Light of the Labyrinth.


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