Falling Pomegranate Seeds is now translated into Spanish!

November 1st marks an important milestone in my writing life – Falling Pomegranate Seeds: The Duty of Daughters steps out into the published world for Spanish readers.

I am so grateful to Edurne Goñi, who spent months working on the Spanish translation of my novel. Edurne first decided she wanted to translate my novel almost a year ago, but she was also completing her PhD. Unsurprisingly, her hope to do the translation in three months stretched out to nine as she surmounted and conquered her academic mountain.

This is the second historical fiction novel that Edurne Goñi has translated for our publisher, Madeglobal. Cor Rotto: La historia de Catherine Carey, una dama en la corte was published in 2015. Now that book is joined by my novel.  It is my first major work to be translated into another language – and I am absolutely thrilled and excited to celebrate this wonderful moment with my readers.

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