All Manner of Things: coming June 1st, 2020.

My greatest joy as a writer is to know readers enjoy my work. So, receiving the feedback from my beta readers in recent weeks about ‘All Manner of Things’, my fourth Tudor novel, has left me flying high.

All my beta readers are authors who I repect and am proud call my friends. To know that they enjoyed with my new novel makes the years of writing it all worthwhile.

In the coming weeks I plan to share their lovely endorsements for All Manner of Things here on my blog.

This first endorsement is by author Lauren Chater:


Lauren is an extremely gifted writer. I loved and reviewed her first novel, The Lace Weaver and I also reviewed the ARC copy of her second novel, Gulliver’s Wife.  Believe me, this new novel is even better than The Lace Weavers, and a real treat for lovers of historical fiction. 

Smile, Lauren has also written for the first full review for my new novel. First reviews  of their work are true milestones for writers – and I will treasure this review for ever!  

All Manner of Thing’s next endorsement is from author Rachel Nightingale:

Rachel is launching Pierrot’s Song, her third fantasy novel, on December 15th, 2019. Her first trilogy is a true delight – beautifully written and crafted. I was lucky to be one of Rachel’s beta readers – and I am looking forward to getting a signed copy on Sunday and reading Pierrot’s Song once more so I can write a lengthy review.

Finally – I had a go at making a book trailer for my new novel. Hope you will enjoy it!

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