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My guest article about the ‘Mystery of Mary Boleyn’ for All Things Boleyn. 


About All Things Boleyn:


Talking Tudors Presents ‘All Things Boleyn’

Over the centuries, the life of Henry VIII’s second queen consort, Anne Boleyn, has been countlessly re-examined by historians, as much as it’s been re-imagined by the novelist. She tantalises and polarises in equal measure, but it’s not just Anne that captures our imagination. We’re equally intrigued by other members of the Boleyn family, including Anne’s father, Thomas, and her siblings, Mary and George.

However, much of what we think we know about the Boleyns is coloured by myth and legend, and does not stand up to close scrutiny. Reinvented by each new generation, the Boleyn family are buried beneath centuries of labels and stereotypes. It’s time to move beyond the stories.

Over two exciting months, Natalie Grueninger will host weekly discussions on her podcast, Talking Tudors, with a number of leading experts and Boleyn historians. The rich array of topics will cover everything from Boleyn supporters at Henry VIII’s court to Thomas Cromwell’s role in Anne Boleyn’s downfall. Listeners will gain a fresh perspective on one of the most prominent and misunderstood families of the Tudor era, and come face to face with the people behind the famous family name.

In addition to the weekly episodes, there will also be giveaways and guest posts by some amazing historians/novelists: Tracy Borman, Adrienne Dillard, Wendy J. Dunn, Andy Demsky and Tamsin Lewis. As well as the podcasts and guest articles, illustrator Kathryn Holeman will present two fun Tudor drawing tutorials. But wait, there’s more… The brilliant Professor Suzannah Lipscomb, will answer your questions about Anne Boleyn!



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