The Importance of Creative Resilience

2020 has been a tough year for us all.

That’s why I’m so thankful to have taken part in the Yarra Plenty Regional Library’s 2020 Booklovers Festival.

This online festival, which ran from 8th – 18th of October, centered around the theme of Creative Resilience. Here, authors shared insights, discoveries and hope.

It’s no secret that creativity provides us with a way to process our emotions, and a means to express our experiences. In tandem with resilience, however, we are also given the tools needed to refocus our perspective.

Below, I have included my video contribution to the festival, where I offer insight into my creative process, my thoughts on resilience, and a reading from my novel, The Light in the Labyrinth.

In times like these, creative resilience is invaluable in allowing us to navigate our current world, while dreaming of a brighter tomorrow.

We are resilient.
We will get through this.
We will rebuild to a better day.

As always, I hope you and your loved ones are keeping safe and well.


All Manner of Things: Latest Review Excerpt

All Manner of Things is the long awaited Book Two of Wendy J Dunn’s historical drama, Falling Pomegranate Seeds – The Duty of Daughters.

Dunn demonstrates why she is the Tudor times storyteller of today. Book One was captivating; the Book Two is superb, and a stand-alone work with enough embedded backstory to inform any reader.

Dunn doesn’t disappoint. This unavoidably tragic story is punctuated with her delightful sense of humour, spicy yet tasteful romance, arrogance and action, page-turning intrigue, twists and turns when you least expect them and vindication.

…Wendy J Dunn has crafted another remarkable work. She is a “way-shower” in text. This book is not a sequel; it’s a superb account of true events, embellished with a huge helping of hearsay, undertakings and love.

– L, Goodreads

See full review here.

Falling Pomegranate Seeds Ebook Sale link

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