Feeling Grateful.

I’m excited! Very soon I will be sending out copies of my novel to those people who kindly supported my Pozible campaign. When I think about all those people who pledged for a copy of my new book and all those people who supported me in countless other ways through the years of writing this new novel, I also think of my gratitude.

It is impossible not to think of my gratitude.

I could not write without people supporting me – whether it is by their encouragement or by affirming me as a writer through telling me that what I write matters to them. Writing is a very lonely and challenging business – necessarily so during the time of creating a new work. A writer crafts a story, and that’s often not an easy feat. As Red Smith once said, “Writing is easy. All you have to do is sit down at the typewriter, cut open a vein, and bleed.”

I concluded years ago that writing will never likely make me financially rich – but writing makes me rich in the ways that matter. I grow in my humanity through writing – I learn more about myself and deepened my ability to step in the shoes of others because this is part of crafting a fictional work.

Years ago, I also concluded that walking the road of a writer is akin to walking the hero’s journey. I feel very privileged to walk this road. But it is a challenging road where setbacks need to be surmounted and overcome almost every step of the way. It is the road I will continue to walk until my last breath because my commitment as a writer goes beyond achieving fame or money. I see writing as my art form – the art form I am committed to as a practitioner of this craft. The art form calling me to be a witness to the past so the voices of the past are remembered and heard.  And that’s why I am so grateful to everyone who gives me the support and encouragement I need to walk this road.

So, thank you. You have made it easier for me to claim my authentic life. You have made me truly rich, in all the ways that truly matter.


All Manner of Things:
Review Spotlight

A finely wrought tale that resurrects the indomitable spirit of Katherine of Aragon, breathing new life into her oft-told story. Maria’s voice is fresh and engaging – a perspective sorely needed in novels of this era. You can’t help but rage and grieve alongside her as her beloved Catalina’s fate races towards its inevitable and heartbreaking conclusion. Yet another spellbinding novel from Wendy J Dunn!

– Adrienne Dillard, author of Cor Rotto and The Raven’s Widow.

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