Time to write.

Managing time, and finding a spare moment to write, has always been my greatest writerly challenge. In fact, I often think the perfect title for my memoirs is “Writer Interrupted”.

I’m a writing mother, and now a writing grandmother. But I’ve learnt ways to write in the midst of family. In fact, I still remember receiving a Mother’s Day card where one of my children sweetly wrote “Author, but mother first.” It made me so happy to know that my offspring understand that I will always put them before my writing, and I want my grandchildren to know this as well.

I have also managed to write despite a demanding career as a sessional tutor. Although, I must confess to turning a blind eye to a very messy house once or twice (I still scold myself for finding a mop in my hand when I’ve got writing to do).

Like most history writers, my downfall is research. I love research, but oh, is it easy to avoid writing when completing it. One time, with Falling Pomegranate Seeds: The Duty of Daughters, researching women’s shoes in 15th century Castilla led to Islamic gardens and then somehow took a detour to the Fall of Granada. I ended up buying books on 15th century military history.  I told myself I’m getting ready to write, getting ready to do my real work, but I was procrastinating. I did no writing that day, and emerged from my study feeling very annoyed at myself.

But despite this research-shaped rabbit hole, I am also proud of all I have achieved thus far.

The countdown for the publication of All Manner of Things has well and truly begun. I spent hours and hours this week sending books to people who kindly supported my recent pozible campaign. And I have exciting news:

  1. All Manner of Things is officially available for pre-order now.
  2. While 2021 sees my fourth Tudor novel step out into the published world, I have also well and truly started my fifth.
  3. I have officially signed a contract for my first nonfiction work.

I am beyond excited. Despite still struggling to find the time to write – I somehow manage it. And the task itself? Well, writing continues to make my life a true adventure. As I hope it (or reading!) makes yours.

Wishing you all the best!

Stay safe and well!



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