Farewell Facebook.

Well – the camel’s back has finally broken. For years, I have put up with my discomfort about Facebook because it kept me connected to family and friends.  It has also been a powerful and valuable promotional tool for me as a writer.

Yesterday, I discovered my author page was a ghost page because Facebook must have deemed it as an Australian news site.  While the problem with my author page seems now resolved, I am disturbed (more that disturbed) at Facebook’s business practices. It is prepared to put lives at risk. I do not like its privacy practices or how it plays political games. I do not like how it has used its Australian members as a way to get back at the Australian government to make it toe the line. Facebook has no shame, or no integrity.

I deleted my Facebook app off my phone early last year – and now plan to turn it off on my computer – and ease back into life as a non-Facebook user. At the moment, I am not deactivating my account until I find a good replacement for messenger, and do something about all my photos uploaded at Facebook.

Sigh. I don’t want to lose the power of connection provided by Facebook – but I cannot continue here while I feel trapped like a fly in a web of corruption. The web has tightened in the last week. I have a choice to leave – and I am taking it.

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