Time to celebrate!

Pinch me please. Falling Pomegranate Seeds: The Duty of Daughters is a finalist in in the International Chaucer award for Historical fiction.

I’m so proud to know that the first part of my Katherine of Aragon story has reached this stage in the competition.


Look below at all the stages it had to go through before gaining this ranking:

I’m so excited to reach this stage in the competition. Wow! The other finalists sound amazing:

Recommended reading:

My review:

The poet Muriel Rukeyser once said, ‘What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open’. What time is it there? is a work that confronts you with truths about the lives of women, and how the truth can indeed split open the world of one’s own life. Beautifully and powerfully told, in What time is it there?, the reader embarks on a journey.

Born in a time when working-class women left school early to marry, Diane is a young, Australian wife, mother and hairdresser when she meets Maggie in the Australian desert. It is a meeting that changes both their lives.

American, world travelled, well read and sharply intelligent, Maggie has lived a life poles apart from Diane’s. The much older and knowledgeable Maggie re-awakes in Diane her pushed down desire for education, education denied to her in her youth. For Maggie, her reasons for letting Diane into her life, and eventually her heart, are far more complicated.

Their lives dictated and constrained by their female gender, both women have dark secrets hidden away in their past. The long years of their deepening friendship reveal to Diane that Maggie’s life is not what it seems on the surface. Her unequal friendship with Maggie develops until Diane finally steps out of Maggie’s shadow to seize her own self-determined destiny.

Empathetic, full of life’s truths and wise – What time is it there? is a novel that stays with you and speaks to our hearts.


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