All Manner of Things on Sale until the end of September!

We’re still in lockdown in Melbourne.

A lockdown not likely to end until the end of October.

It is  a sad time for most Melburnians. I had remained hopeful we could get on top of this latest COVID outbreak. I now hope we will soon have enough people vaccinated for our population to cope with and manage our current COVID situation. But I far prefer lockdown than to see COVID go wild in a community where most people have only received their first vaccination.

Let me think and write about other things.

Seven months ago (almost!) saw the publication of the conclusion of my Katherine of Aragon story: All Manner of Things, the second part of my Falling Pomegranate Seeds duology.

I cannot express the depth of my gratitude to all the readers who have written such lovely, treasured reviews of All Manner of Things since its publication. I write because it’s such an important part of who I am. But what motivates me to write for publication is the knowledge there are readers who enjoy my work. That simple fact makes the challenging journey to publication worthwhile.

I am also treasuring the recent news of All Manner of Things long-listing in this year’s Chaucer’s Award.

So, I’m celebrating by putting All Manner of Things on sale until the end of September.

During this month, I will share my favourite reviews of All Manner of Things.


This one was one of the first ever reviews of my novel, and remains a favourite.



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