One of the best ways to end my writing year….

In twelve more days, All Manner of Things celebrates its first birthday.

Goodness – it feels like just yesterday when it stepped out into the published world.

2021 was the year when I, like so many others, hoped our COVID reality would just become a memory. Alas, that was not to be, but light still pierced through dark days. The light of family, friends — of counting my blessings that my family bubble included my two small grandsons. I also counted my blessings my new novel child received a warm welcome by so many readers who loved its story. I also counted my blessings as a steady stream of accolades and awards came its way during last year.

All Manner of Things received one more award before the end of 2021. It won the HFC “Gold” category medal for Historical – England, Scotland, Ireland.

What a truly exciting way to end 2021!


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