The Duty of Daughters (e-book) free at amazon for two more days!

I’m in shock today. I really did not expect such an amazing response to my free book offer – or to find The Duty of Daughters in number one place EVERYWHERE at amazon.

If you have downloaded part one of my Katherine of Aragon story, I truly hope you enjoy meeting my imagined Catalina of Aragon as a child through the eyes of her tutor, Beatriz Galindo. Of course I hope people will enjoy it so much that they will want to add the physical book to their home libraries. If you do, I am always delighted to send personalised copies to readers – and for the best price possible. Just in case you missed it, this is a recent five star review of The Duty of Daughters from Readers’ Favorite.
 Free ebook offer ends on Jan 22.
Falling Pomegranate Seeds: The Duty of Daughters
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The Light in the Labyrinth
Dear Heart, How Like You This?
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