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Praise for The Duty of Daughters:

…this profoundly moving story helps us appreciate today’s more enlightened world. The Duty of Daughters is historical fiction at its best!

Dunn deftly weaves a heartrending story about the bonds between mothers and daughters, sisters and friends. Each character is beautifully crafted with a compassionate touch to draw the reader into every raw emotion from triumph to tragedy ~ Adrienne Dillard

…magnificent, riveting reading ~ Viviane Crystal, Crystal Book Reviews.

This is a captivating read, written with heart, significance and sensibility. Dunn is a careful writer. She doesn’t exploit her characters; rather, she explores them and brings us along for the journey. This is a novel researched with integrity, and Dunn reaches out and lands beautifully in the winner’s circle ~ Historical Novels Review.

Praise for The Light in the Labyrinth:

The Light in the LabyrinthIn the capable hands of Dunn, Kate Carey springs to life as a young girl looking for excitement who comes to realize that many people are not what they seem and perhaps her old life was not so bad after all ~ Historical Novel Society Reviews.

The novel is beautifully written and makes history accessible in an exciting way… I highly recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys historical fiction. ~ Readers’ Favorite. “

…The Light in the Labyrinth is quite the read – no matter the age of the reader. And yes, thanks to Kate, a new voice has been added to the well-known haunting melody – a voice that mellows and matures as the story evolves and yet retains a touch of bittersweet innocence right to the bloody, inevitable end.” – Anna Belfrage for The Review.

The Light in the Labyrinth has been honoured with the B.R.A.G.Medallion (Book Readers Appreciation Group). It now joins the very select award-winning, reader-recommended books at indieBRAG.

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