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The Duty of Daughters (ebook of the first part of my Katherine of Aragon story) is selling for only 99c. (USD)…this profoundly moving story helps us appreciate today’s more enlightened world. The Duty of Daughters is historical fiction at its best!Dunn deftly weaves a heartrending story about the bonds between mothers and daughters, sisters and friends. Each character is beautifully crafted with a compassionate touch to draw the reader into every raw emotion from triumph to tragedy ~ Adrienne Dillard…magnificent, riveting reading ~ Viviane Crystal, Crystal Book Reviews.This is a captivating read, written with heart, significance and sensibility. Dunn is a careful writer. She doesn’t exploit her characters; rather, she explores them and brings us along for the journey. This is a novel researched with integrity, and Dunn reaches out and lands beautifully in the winner’s circle ~ Historical Novels Review.Now selling wide:


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