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Confession. I’m an impatient person. My years of writing have helped me (should really say forced me) control my impatience, but I’m still naturally impatient. 

Next year marks the tenth birthday of The Light in the Labyrinth. I planned to mark the occasion by releasing a new edition. But like I say, I am impatient. 

LOL — why wait if you don’t have to?

I am re-releasing The Light in the Labyrinth, my second Anne Boleyn novel, on September 7th with a new cover and extra material inspired by Catherine Carey. Of course, September 7th is also my book’s birthday!

The new edition of The Light in the Labyrinth is now available for pre-order at amazon:

In the capable hands of Dunn, Kate Carey springs to life as a young girl looking for excitement who comes to realize that many people are not what they seem and perhaps her old life was not so bad after all. …This unique look at a shadowy figure in the tragedy of Anne Boleyn is well written and intriguing .


A reader will know full-well how knowledgeable Dunn is about the Tudor period. Dresses, headpieces, entertainments, and artistry of the time truly come alive within her world-building. And as Queen Anne’s demise approaches, young Kate Carey must stand up and honor her Aunt, showing her family just how much she has grown as a young woman. Though tragic and quite graphic in the decapitation scene at the end, this is an excellent novel that really opened my eyes to the bestial savagery of Henry VIII–a selfish, arrogant man whose only aim in life was self-gratification.

Brook Allen

Whether introducing a YA reader to historical fiction, or delivering emotional intelligence to a well-versed Tudor fan, this novel delights in the detail while experiencing all the unpredictable and harrowing events triggered by Henry VIII’s desperate quest for a son.

A great read! 

Elizabeth St John

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