A resource list for the Indie author.

Recommended editors:


•I have also heard excellent things about: http://historicaleditorial.blogspot.com. They also design covers.
Lay out design and ebook conversion
David Major:

Recommended writing associations and groups.

Alliance of Independent Authors

Join the Roost.

It takes less than a minute to join. Members share stories, experiences, and ideas.

Historical Novel Society. 

Associations local to your place in the world.

I am a member of Australian Society of Authors,  Writing Victoria and Asia Pacific Writers and Translators

History Quill

Historical Times

Historical Fiction Company



Lightning Source


Where to buy ISBNs for Australian authors:


UK authors:



USA authors:







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Go Fund me



Accounting programs:


The 5 Best Accounting Software for Small Business of 2022

Sourced from https://www.investopedia.com/best-accounting-software-for-small-business-5069679


Book Awards

Other books awards:

The International Chaucer Award

Coffee Pot Book Club Book of the Year Award. 

Historical Fiction Company.


Market Plan put together for me by Kathryn Lamont:


Poesy Quill Publishing

Marketing Strategy – prepared by Kathryn Lamont.





Target Audience:

  • Who are PQP’s Target Audience:

Poesy Quill’s target audience are aspiring authors, or writers at the beginning of their career. Posey Quill’s target audience are not limited by their favoured genres, age or previous writing experience; but their desire to learn more about the writing craft, and place themselves (and their work) in the best position for publication. Poesy Quill’s target audience also have access to the internet, to consume Poesy Quill’s online content.


  • How PQP Will Reach This Audience:
    Poesy Quill will reach this audience primarily through the use of social media accounts, which lead individuals back to the PQP website and Patreon account.
  • How PQP Will Retain Their Customers:
    Poesy Quill will retain customers through providing key writing advice, tips, tricks and examples that will help our target audience improve their writing, and gain an understanding of the publishing process.
  • Key Message Takeaways:
  1. Poesy Quill Publishing are knowledgeable
  2. Poesy Quill Publishing are friendly and helpful
  3. I want Poesy Quill Publishing to help me publish my work



Business Appeal
(Why Poesy Quill?)

  • PQP’s Unique Selling Position (what differentiates us from other small publishers?):
    Poesy Quill Publishing works to break down the silent barriers often held between a publishing house and aspiring authors, and instead offer a consumer-focused approach that provides all the tools our audience needs to develop their craft, gain confidence in their work, understand the publishing process, and complete their manuscripts. Poesy Quill Publishing work with their audience to put them in the best position to realise their writerly dreams.


  • PQP Offers:
    Poesy Quill offers writing advice, workshops, and writerly merchandise throughout the year. Most specifically is the online writing journal.
    at a discount throughout times in the year and to email subscribers.


Poesy Quill Marketing
& Audience Retention

  • Pricing, Positioning & Distribution Plan:
    To discuss with Wendy
  • Marketing Materials:
    PQP will have the following marketing materials available to increase brand recognition and promote the business.
  1. A website
  2. Business cards
  3. Social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter)
  4. Email (newsletter, deals and writing guides)
  5. Patreon Accounts
  6. Merchandise linking back to the PQP website
  • Conversion Strategy:
    Prospective clients and customers who view Poesy Quill’s social media content and website will be encouraged to become paying customers through:
  1. Automated welcome emails when they sign up to the newsletter
  2. Sneak peek documents and guides that can only be viewed by email subscribers
  3. Conversion strategies refer to the techniques you employ to turn prospective customers into paying customers.
  4. Collect testimonials of individuals who have been helped by Posey Quill’s advice
  • Client Retention Strategy:
    Audiences who view Poesy Quill Publishing will be encouraged to stay as a paying audience member through:
  1. Loyalty benefits, such as discounts and special deals provided to email subscribers
  2. Instagram ‘Ask’ option, where PQP’s audience can directly ask writerly and publishing questions they want to have answered (to allow for audience members to build company loyalty through viewing the company as a source of support and guidance who listens to, understands and wants to help their audience).
  3. Exclusive Patreon content for subscribers
  4. Good quality merchandise
  • Online Promotional Strategy:
  1. Search Engine Optimization Strategy:
    PQP will have a mobile-responsive website with an accessible design, including appropriate font size, colour, link navigation and image ALT text. Keywords will additionally be added to the content produced, to make articles more ‘searchable’ by PQP’s target audience.
  2. Social Media Strategy:Video and image heavy content, as these are statistically the most engaging type of content.
  3. Instagram Post Ideas:
  4. Writing tips with links to longer articles
  5. Writing prompts
  6. Famous inspirational quotes about reading/writing
  7. Competitions/Giveaways/Discounts
  8. Bookshelves
  9. Voting and polls
  10. Up-and-coming releases
  11. Cover Reveals
  12. Holiday related content
  13. Behind-the-scenes look into book publishing
  14. Quotes from upcoming novels
  15. Book mockups and flatlays
  16. Photos re-posted from audience members
  17. Book event photos
  18. Pets with books
  19. Instagram Story Highlights
  20. Meet the Authors
  21. New Releases & Sneak Peaks
  22. Events
  23. Sales
  24. Q/A
  25. Writing Tips

                                            iii.     Twitter Post Ideas

  1. Open for Publication Calls
  2. Company Milestones
  3. Contests, Discounts & Giveaways
  4. Polls
  5. New Releases
  6. Linkedin Profile Ideas
  7. Personalised Banner and Profile Picture
  8. Introduction to Poesy Quill (Who PQP are, where PQP is based, what PQP offers, what PQP values, and how individuals can contact PQP to learn more about the company)
  9. Add specialities
  10. Linkedin Post Ideas
  11. How-to guides
  12. Online Event Invitations
  13. Links to Posts/Articles/Social Media Pages
  14. Book Launches/Upcoming Releases
  15. Celebrating Company Milestones
  16. Any Potential Job Postings
  17. Paid Online Advertising Strategies.
  18. Keyword Strategy:
    Depending on the specific post/article, specific keywords will be selected to optimise content to be found over search engines.