Anne Boleyn


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Below is a list of works inspired by my love of Anne Boleyn.

 The Birth of Elizabeth

The Age of Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn in the Tower by Edouard Cibot

An Interview with Sir Thomas Wyatt, the Elder

Before Dawn Breaks

May 19th, 1536

Anne Boleyn: My hero



Anne Boleyn inspired academic papers

Revising Anne Boleyn





Wndy Dunn book cover

I was not prepared to cry at the end–cry because it had ended, because it ended on a note of sadness and betrayal and because it brought Anne Boleyn to life in a bold new light. But I cried for more than just Queen Anne. I cried for Kate, for the loss of innocence and trust, for the betrayals of and by people she loved most, and for bravery that marked the death of youth as much as it marked the death of her colourful aunt ~ Linda Root.

Order The Light in the Labyrinth
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A Queen fights for her life.

A King denies his heart and soul.

A girl faces her true identity.

All things must come to an end—all things but love.


dear heart

“Seriously one of the best books ever written about Anne Boleyn” – Reader.


Dear Heart, How Like You This? is available as a kindle book at and