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2 October 1452, Birth of Richard III

Birth of Henry VII,

Saint Agnes Day, 1457

1465, birth of Elizabeth of York

December 16th, 1485, birth of Catalina of Aragon.

22 August 1485: The Battle of Bosworth

22 August 1485:Death of Richard III

Ascension of Henry VII

18th of January, 1486: Marriage to Elizabeth of York

20th of September, 1486, birth of Arthur Tudor

November 29th, 1489: Birth of Margaret Tudor

28th of June, 1491: birth of Henry Tudor

March 18th, 1496: birth of Mary Rose Tudor

21th of December, 1498: Palace of Sheen burns down

14th of November, 1501: Wedding of Katherine of Aragon and Prince Arthur

1502: Death of Prince Arthur.

Anne Boleyn’s birth year – unknown, but sometime in this period between 1501 and 1507.

23rd of June, 1503: Treaty signed with Spain agreeing to the marriage of Henry and Katherine of Aragon

21st of April, 1509: death of Henry VII and ascension of Henry VIII

11th of June, 1509: marriage of Katherine of Aragon and Henry VIII

24th of June, 1509: Coronation of Henry and Catherine

29th of June, 1509: death of Margaret Beaufort

16th August, 1513: Battle of the Spurs

September 9th, 1513: Battle of Flodden and death of James IV.

Feburary 18, 1516, birth of Mary Tudor

1520: The Field of Cloth of Gold

1527, Dr. John Dee born.

1525:Henry VIII becomes serious about his relationship with Anne Boleyn

1532: Anne Boleyn and Henry go to Calais to get support for their marriage from François of France.

7 September, 1533: The Birth of Elizabeth

1534: Henry VIII declares himself Head of the English Church – Act of Supremacy.

Nineteenth of May, 1536:

The Murder of Anne Boleyn

May 30th, 1536: King Henry VIII marries Jane Seymour

October, 1537, birth of Lady Jane Grey

October 12th, 1537, birth of Edward VI

January 6th, 1540: Henry marries Anne of Cleves.

July 28th, 1540: Henry marries Katheryn Howard

1542: birth of Mary, Queen of Scots

A Boy and his Princess
1542: battle of Solway Moss and death of James V
February 13th, 1542: Execution of Katheryn Howard

July 12th, 1543: Henry marries Katherine Parr

1544: Mary and Elizabeth reinstated to the English succession.

January 19th, 1547: Surrey executed

January 28th, 1547: Henry VIII dies and his son becomes Edward VI

May 19, 1549: Lord Admiral Thomas Seymour executed.

1553: Edward VI death.

1553: Lady Jane Grey Queen for nine days.

1554: Wyatt’s rebellion, resulting in the death of Lady Jane Grey

1554This rebellion also caused Elizabeth imprisonment in the Tower, where she feared for her life.

January 8th, 1558: the fall of Calais.

17th November, 1558, the death of Mary I. Elizabeth becomes Queen.

15th of January, 1559: Coronation of Elizabeth I

8th of September, 1560: Amy Robsart, wife of Robert Dudley, is found dead at the bottom of a staircase. Although today mostly believed as the result of breast cancer complications, her death at the time resulted Elizabeth distancing herself from the man she came closest to marrying in her life: Robert Dudley.

October, 1562: Elizabeth I catches smallpox and almost dies.

July, 1588: the defeat of Spanish Armada.

September 4th, 1588, death of Robert Dudley

1596:John Harrington invents the hydraulic water closet.

March 24th, 1603 the death of Elizabeth

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